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Valcucine was founded on March 17, 1980. Today it is a big name and a respected brand, which is considered a trendsetter in the development and production of high-quality Italian kitchens.

The advantages of Valcucine kitchens are the safety of use, convenience and durability, a refined design, with which these elite Italian kitchens have acquired a pronounced and recognizable character. All modern Valcucine kitchens are planned and designed to be ergonomic, functional and made from environmentally friendly materials with the possibility of further recycling.

The author of the whole range of models is Gabriele Centazzo, one of the founders of the brand and chief designer of the Valcucine factory. He created such models as Artematica, Riciclantica, Forma Mentis, Genius Loci and the newest one - Logica Celata.

It is possible to use different materials for the front side: from glass to natural wood. For personalization of the drawers’ front sides are used mosaic and shell inlay, fine wood, metal, including titanium and brass. The possibility of using the space of a thick countertop for storage with drawers is patented by Valcucine.

The Logica System storage system gives you even more free space and allows you to keep the kitchen in perfect order. The complete set of the storage system can include a rotary mixer, technical channel with accessories (electronic scales, horizontal rails with hooks, electrical outlets, dryers for dishes and glasses, cutting boards, charger with USB connector, holders for foil and food film, led lighting, stand for tablet or book).

V-motion is a new patented Valcucine system with motion sensors. Without touching, just a smooth movement of the hand can open or close the kitchen doors, turn on the water and light on the back of the storage system. You can also simply change the lighting design. One wave of the hand is like the movement of a conductor... and you will change the color for the internal illumination of the panel.

Buying Valcucine kitchen today, you buy the kitchen of the future. Valcucine kitchens are ideal for those who like to cook, using high-class and exquisite tools. This is a real "machine" for a pleasant stay in the kitchen.