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Company STEINWERK has been in the market of exclusive finishing materials since 2001 and is the official distributor of the worlds leading manufacturers.

Company’s product range presents top quality exclusive finishing materials of de luxe like natural slate, marble, granite, onyx, limestone, quartzite, basalt, lava stone, sandstone as well as wooden panels Marotte made in France and profile glass Profilit Pilkington made in Germany.The priority direction of the company is natural slate and quartzite widely presented in our warehouse in Moscow. STEIWERK proudly presents only the top quality slate that comes form the best quarries in the world from Italy, India, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Africa. Due to the perfect combination of it’s esthetical and technical qualities there are no restrictions for usage and various applications of this stone. Slate being a natural product does not require high maintenance and will enjoy the same qualities for many decades. You also will be able to see the full range of products presented by our company and we will be happy to answer all your questions if any may arise.