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Miele is a globally known brand that produces premium built-in appliances. At the domestic market in Germany, Miele is recognized as the “best brand of all time” among various German manufacturers.

Miele was founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann and since then follows its principle “Immer Besser” (“Better and better”), which was printed on the first machines and appliances of Miele.

Miele household appliances provide excellent results with minimal power consumption. The unique innovative developments and technologies of Miele guarantee the perfect and gentle care of your home, linen and dishes, as well as the pleasure of preparing fine culinary masterpieces. Miele household appliances are very simple and convenient to use. It does not matter what you choose: traditional turn or touch buttons, touch screen. A wide selection of special programs will provide excellent results both in the care of linen and in the preparation of food.

Miele is a wise decision. You don’t have to choose between modern technology and an attractive design. The offered colors, models and forms of the built-in household appliances allow achieving uniformity in design, choosing equipment for a variety of kitchen and furniture interior options. Part of the devices from different design lines are ideally combined with each other. The Miele appliances will perfectly fit into any type of kitchen style.

Miele offers:
- kitchen appliances: cooking units, hoods, ovens, microwaves, steamers, vacuum cookers, food and table heaters, coffee machines, refrigerators and freezers, wine cabinets, dishwashers;
- appliances for the care of linen and home: washing and drying machines, ironing systems, vacuum cleaners.

The presence of Miele home appliances can tell a lot about its owners: Miele customers place high demands on the design and environmental friendliness of appliances. People who choose Miele, appreciate high quality and impeccable style and remain faithful to their choice.