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Kerama Marazzi

KERAMA MARAZZI is a leading manufacturer of ceramic decorative and finishing materials with a well-developed mono-brand retail network in Russia and abroad.

In 2018, KERAMA MARAZZI, one of the leading European manufacturers of ceramic tiles and porcelain grès, celebrates its 30th anniversary. The history of the company dates back to 1988, when the modern ceramic industry was in its infancy.

KERAMA MARAZZI is an example of long-standing and fruitful relations between Italy and Russia. They represent Italian solutions and creative approach to designing ceramic items that are popular throughout the world and Russia’s enormous potential, production capacity, and personnel. The high quality of KERAMA MARAZZI products, their compliance with Russian and international standards, norms and technical requirements are confirmed with appropriate certificates, technical approvals, and expert reports.

The KERAMA MARAZZI assortment boasts more than 3,000 items. To date, this is a unique offer in terms of their range, compared with other manufacturers of ceramic tiles, porcelain grès, mosaics, and decorative elements. At the heart of the KERAMA MARAZZI philosophy is its commitment to improving the quality of life. The company strives to offer every customer a possibility to create an individualized, comfortable space regardless of their income. The gamut of formats and styles, the large color palette, the original design and various structures of ceramic finishing materials allow implementing a design project of any complexity.